Kick Start

Kick Start

23 December 2009 text Irina Marinova
Although the budget of state-financed theatres will be seriously reduced, the years starts well.

The Dream that Wakes Up
The Funny Man's Dream - a performance by Marius Kurkinski. This means at least four things - a theatre event, outstanding performance, deep sense and unique aesthetics. We expect the date of the event to be announced soon.

A Theatrical Uprising
To Open a Wound is Boyan Papazov's first play. In it he claims that the April Uprising is pure Bulgarian deed, done by Bulgarians and payed with bulgarian blood.
To Open a Wound is at Armiata, 14 january, 19:00


Flying Over a Blackbird's Nest
You cannot escape from your past, no matter how fast and far you fly. The Blackbird tells the story of a woman, raped by a man 15 years ago. The man goes to jail and does his time, but later her contradicital feelings lead her to him.
The Blackbird is at 199; 23 January, 19:30


Natural Apocalypse
Like all plays by Georgi Gospodinov, this one is about the dark accounts of the Transition, the unfulfilled desires, suppressed feelings, love and its absense.
Apocalypse Comes at 6PM is at Zad Kanala, 8 and 9 January, 19:00


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