• Alive!

    19 September 2013

  • ON!Fest

    18 September 2013

    ON!Fest is one of the biggest festival, so be prepared tp meet all kind of art forms - graffiti, dance, workshops, music, gaming and so on and so on... The right place to be is Inter Expo Center, from 20th till 22th of September.
  • Living Loving Web

    28 August 2013

  • All in facebook

    30 January 2013

  • From Dusk Til Dawn

    30 August 2012

  • Tradition Says...

    18 April 2012

  • The New Year Brings Along a New Site

    5 January 2012

    As we are admirers of novelties, it`s not surprising we decided to say goodbye to the old year with a brand new design of programata.bg.
  • I ♥ Programata

    29 December 2011

    The mobile version of Programata magazine is really multifunctional and what is more, it`s free. Programata Mobile used to be available for Android only, but now those of you using iPhone can also learn about the latest events in Sofia, Varna, ...
  • Hahaha ImPro Theatre

    23 November 2011

    Clodin Gendova

  • Kamenitsa 3D Mapping Show

    11 November 2011

  • Cards Down

    26 November 2010

    We at Programata don't like standing at one place. So we prepared some convenient innovations for our site programata.bg that would make it much more effective and useful.
  • New Company

    11 November 2010

  • Friday at the Garage

    28 October 2010

    photos by Ivan Jegov

  • 2 in 1

    21 September 2010

  • All the colours of the rainbow

    24 June 2010

  • Inflated Bubble

    20 May 2010

  • The Big Reduction

    18 May 2010

  • Game Over

    5 May 2010

  • Lufthansa Game Winners

    30 April 2010

  • I've Got an Idea

    25 March 2010

    text Mia Yaneva

    To change something in our life, often we need just a good idea and someone’s help. Moto Phoe knows that and founds a donative program for protection the Bulgarian nature and culture. For 13th time Moto Phoe supports these kind of projects. ...