• Black Label

    27 November 2008

    A month ago on 22 Ivan Assen Str. started the theme Little black dress and now they are ready to show us the result on the tab. Because from 4th to 19th December in the showroom we will have the chance to  see some vanguard black mini dresses.
  • Voice Battle

    20 November 2008

  • Hell on Earth

    29 October 2008

    by Alexander Bakalov

    Want to celebrate Halloween in Sofia this Friday? Hera are some suggestions.
  • Black Mini

    27 October 2008

  • Backstage Games

    25 September 2008

    text Irina Marinova

    The new season at theatres is going to be very strong. We have already peeped into the backstage to find out more about the most interesting projects that will be put on stage in the next few months and here it is – the info in advance.
  • A Labyrinth at the End of the City

    4 September 2008

    text Irina Marinova

    Just before the beginning of the new theatre season we are happy to receive the offer of theatre Labyrinth for an exciting experience. Their unusual installation called The Wonder of Alienation – Foreign Rituals in Our Daily Life is an ...
  • Back to the old times

    21 August 2008

  • A New Face

    17 July 2008

    In the last two years the website of eventim.bg has become particularly important - we visit it everyday in order to check for all the important events not only in the music world, but also to buy tickets for a theatrical play or a football game.
  • Programata Reloaded

    9 June 2008

    People say that what works well shouldn't be changed, but we in Programata Media Group like to renovate ourselves.
  • The Final Countdown

    23 May 2008

    We could hardly decide which theatrical awards to wait with greaterimpatience, but this year the excitement around the Askeer awards seems to exceed that of the Ikar's.
  • New home

    13 December 2007

    We do have theatres in Sofia but one more is never too much.
  • Dance, baby, dance

    15 November 2007

  • Laugh your heads off

    18 October 2007

    The new Smeshen Theatre offers us more and more laughter.