• Anniversary concert by Milena Mollova

    Program: Sonata Apassionata by Ludwig van Beethoven, Pictures at an exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky

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  • Italia Bella

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    Conductor: Stefan Vrachev · With: Bella Voce, Daniel Tzochev [actor], Peter Macedonian [trumpet] and Alexandra Mehandzhiyska [vocal] · In the program: Verdi, Bellini, Puccini, Leoncavallo, Toasty, Rossini

  • Julian Rachlin & Sarah McElravy

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    Conductor: Julian Rachlin · With: Julian Rachlin [violin], Sarah McElravie [viola] · Program: Egmont Overture, Symphony No. 6 Pastoral by Beethoven and Symphony Concertos for Violin, Viola and Mozart Orchestra

    снимка Julia Wesely

    Concert Complex Bulgaria  
  • Serbia's music

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    With: Dejan Gavric [flute], Maya Rajkovic [piano] · In the program: Petar Stojanovic, Vera Milankovic, Dejan Despic, Milan Milic, Vladimir Tosic, Ivana Ognjanovic, Petar Konyovic, Marko Taichevich, Konstantin Babic

  • The Bingo Project

    A modern look over the work of famous composers with the participation ot the Arabesque ballet.

    Stefan Makedonski National Music Theatre  
  • Yordan Kamdzhalov

    At the same time he develops an interest in grand works, so now logically he's leading the soprano Mirela Alexandrova, alt Violeta Radomirska, tenor Georgi Sultanov and bass Ivaylo Dzhurov through Grosse Messe (in F minor) by Bruckner. The Pleven Philharmonic Orchestra and the National Philharmonic Choir are also tuned for its six parts.

    Concert Complex Bulgaria