• Bulgarians From the Old Times

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    By Assen Karastoyanov on the novel by Lyuben Karavelov · Libretto: Kosta Rainov · Director: Alexander Mutafchijski · Music Director: Yuli Damyanov · Conductor: Ognian Mitov · Stage design: Ivan Savov · ...

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  • Don Juan

    Opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart · Conductor: Erich Wachter · Director, stage design and costumes: Ugo de Ana · Conductor: Violeta Dimitrova · Choreography: Riolina Topalova · Assistant director and assistant stage ...

  • Il trovatore Il trovatore

    by Giuseppe Verdi · Conductor: Pavel Klinichev

  • The Bat

    by Johann Strauss-son · Director: Mariana Arsenova · Conductor: Yuli Damyanov · Scenography: Ivan Savov · Cast: soloists, choir, ballet and orchestra at the Musical Theater

    Johann Strauss-son's most famous dance operette again takes to the stage to tell the twists and turns of a married couple with waltz music to regiment and quadrille. The new version is "made with fun, with ease and subtlety", says director Mariana Arsenova.

    Stefan Makedonski National Music Theatre  
  • The Czardas Queen

    Guest Director: Adrian Holander · Guest conductor: Lyubka Biagioni · Director: Mariana Arsenova · Conductors: Yulia Damyanov, Dimitar Kossev · Stage design and costumes: Ivan Savov · Choreography: Marian Stefanov ...

  • Traviata

    by Giuseppe Verdi · Guest appearance by Diana Tugui in the role of Violeta · Cast: Silvana Prvcheva, Blagovesta Mekki-Tsvetkova, Rosen Nenchev, Plamen Dimitrov, Hrisimir Damyanov, Peter Buchkov, Valentin Vatev, Angel Hristov, Slavi ...