• 12 Bar Band

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  • Acoustic Soul

  • Euphoria

  • Psychedelic 20 20

    DJs: Acid Martinsky, Magdalen Chokov, Wilde, LF

  • SEVI

    Sevi are one of those bands that is difficult to get in the concept of  "BG rock ". The sound, songs, vision and concept of the group stand out girls and boys from Sevi of bulgarian scene and can easily make the group a favorite of the fans of melodic rock.

    Target [Burgas]  
  • Soundfull

    Dimitar Trendafilov [vocals, quitar], Ilian Marinov [drums], Peter Monev [quitar], Ilian Genkov [bass]

  • The Pomorians

    The ska group was formed by former Artery members Janko Brekov and Krasimir Kerkinov-Kemala. The Pomorians rely on cheerful and emotional lyrics, and their music is close to ska and reggae, combined with Greek and Bulgarian ethnic motifs.

    Alive Bar  
  • Toni Rese, Italy

  • Vasil Naydenov

    He is never tired but his gigs in Sofia are a real rareness. With a company and a glass of wine and his songs, the evening in Rubayat will be the one that the fans of the singet have been waiting for.