• Imera/Gena

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  • Jin Monic

    photo Ru Mo

    Their song WYSIATI is raining in our headphones (and on the screens us with video), and now it's turn for a live contact with the boys their original indie rock songs.

    Swingin' Hall  
  • Kerana & kosmonavtite

    Everyone in the band plays many instruments, but in the center is Julia aka Kerana and from the microphone come messages surrounded by saxophone, guitar, bass and drums. And they can't determine the style with which they walk on stage, so they describe it as pure and simple Kerana and the astronauts. There is a bit of funk, a bit of pop, swing and a lot of their music that they come to the club with.

    Terminal 1  
  • Nocktern

  • Ostava

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    photo Dobrin Kashavelov

    They are making us listen to their most famous songs under the lights of Kino Cabana.

    Kino Cabana  
  • Overload presents: Critical Damage

    Heavy electronics are carried from the subway of the Bridge of Lovers, where 14 selectors select drum-base schemes, which keep us until the wee hours. Electronic harm will be harm in the good sense of the word with native names such as Amy & Khärl, Markov, Joy, Mokushi and others.

    Mixtape 5  
  • Svetlio & The Legends

  • Upsurt

    They collect their famous stories in syllables with which jump from song by song, and before them we listen to a set by DJ CASS.

    Sofia Live Club  
  • Violetov General & Lunatic Theatre

  • Zhlych, Grigovor, Gena

    The three of them are coming out to show what is like to thread the words without a stop with songs with messages like Otgore and many more from their new album.

    Terminal 1  

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