Contra Band

29 July 2010 by Ana Vucheva, photos Dimitar Dragnev
Brand new DJ`s stepped on Bulgarian scene two years ago. Two young, tattooed boys came from France and made The Smugglers Collective.

What`s happening in Smugglers team?
Pavel: Too many things. We are planning a big summer tour in the beginning of August.
Mitko: At the seaside, of course. We`ll play at the hottest clubs at the seaside.
P: Yes, and in the finals we`ll play on Spirit of Burgas festival. We are very enthusiastic about that!

How a real swing party looks like?
P: People are dancing. They dance swing, which is very curious to watch  - with alll these acrobatic stuff!
M: And the music is great - swing, rock`n` roll, rockabilly...
P: We play everything from 40`s and 50`s till nowadays. And we have a big screen, where we show black and white movies, dance movies, old cars, nice chicks...

Is this the nature of this culture?
P: Yes indeed - cars, chicks, cloths, hahahah!
M: And alcoholic drinks, of course.
P: But only contraband alcohol! That`s why we decided to name our band The Smugglers Collective

Both of you have a lot of tattoos. Who has more?
P: He does!
M: Yes, that`s the part of the swing culture.


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