Back to the Roots

16 March 2007 text Anelia Alexandrova, photos Ilian Ruzhin
The three boys on the picture are only the core of Root Souljah, our new favourite BG gang. After their first performance ever – on December 6th last year – they managed to produce a small album with 6 tracks. If it is not obvious, they sing about love, the good and the bad, the system and about all important things in general. These true rasta people turned our hearts red-hot.

Who is the mastermind of the operation?
Sasho: The mastermind is big and universal. We turn to him in any way we can and that’s how the things work out best. And we go on.

Who are the rest of Root Souljah?
Sasho: The three of us started, but more people showed up afterwards.
Tsetso: We wanted to play live. We started looking for people, while others were looking for us….
Sasho: Deazee Crew joined first, then other skilled people. There are nine of us in total.

Where can we find your album?
Sasho: In Napa’s stores, it can be also bought online. It can be found in Vegi Home Restaurant, which is a little odd place to sell a CD, but it is completely in line with our understanding of the rasta ideas as a whole. You can buy it in Inke-Tinke and Na Tamno too.

Is there gonna be a Root Souljah video soon?
Sasho: Oh, yes, it is our childhood dream.

Any ideas for a single?
Alex: We have not decided yet.


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