The Cynic

18 June 2009 text Ivan Hadjivelikov, photos by Season of Mist
We have not event tried to define precisely Cynic's music - since 1987 the American combo has experimented with everything from thrash metal to saturated death metal with absolutely free improvisations. It is strange that Cynic are so famous right now - in 2008 they won applause with Traced in Air and now they are on tour with Dream Theater. Just ten days before their concert in Kavarna, vocalist Paul Masvidal told us a few things about playing in front of 20 000 people and the beauty of life as a whole.

15 years ago your music was called techno-metal and metal's future. Where are Cynic now, after the long pause?
It is great to be together again. We have never aimed at being obligatory "progressive". Music is just a reflection of the individuals who make it. We are having fun.

Are you irritated by the labels put on your music?
I think they are OK and progressive matches pretty well to what we are making right now.

How does a metal band survive nowadays when music industry as we know it is dying?
I do not know what will happen but I am observing the changes with interest. You definitely have to make more concerts because you are not making much profit from albums. It is the same with us - we are making money from other things.

How do you make a living?
I have a large music bank with things that are played on TV, used for trailers, movies and ads. I also record and produce stuff for other people.

What kind of music are you listening with pleasure recently?
All kinds of it. Recently I listen to Radiohead, salsa, The Cardigans... I like good songs.

I just have to ask you that question. You and drummer Sean Reinert participated in a great album - Death's Human. What do you remember from your work with the deceased Chuck Schuldiner?
I am thankful for that experience. Chuck was like an elder brother to us - he knew Sean and me since kids and told us a lot about the industry.

Cynic are playing before Dream Theater on Kaliakra Rock Fest, Kavarna, Kaliakra Stadium, 3 July, 20:00, one day ticket 55BGN, three day ticket - 100BGN,


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