Little strange music

29 June 2007 text Nikola Shahpazov, photos Todor Cvetkov for Angel Kotsev Studio
we arrange the meeting with the avantgarde Bluba Lu trio in the well-cooled garden of the Boris Hristov music centre. They have just finished their rehearsal with Studio Primo orchestra merely days before the grand performance of their fourth studio project World Melancholy – a mix of their usual trip hop obscurity, Andronia Popova's rich voice and symphonic bombast. This is just the type of musicians that always have something intriguing to say.

Ever since the creation of the band in the mid 90s it has been part of the local underground - is that the way you prefer it to be?
Konstantin Kacarski: In a way, it's true that we're underground – we're not featured on tv shows or in the newspapers. But lately, we've been coming out of the underground. I'm happy that through the years we were able to educate our audience, small numbered though it might be. So I guess we're not that underground at the moment.

You have never made easy listening music – what about the new material?
Konstantin Kacarski: World Melancholy is a different album - this time we worked with Roni (Andronia Popova), so the main focus is on the vocal parts. Musiaclly, it's an album bigger than anything we've done.

There has been talk about World Melancholy since 2005, what caused this delay?
Dimitar Paskalev: After all these are symphonic pieces and require a lot more work. In the months after our concert in the Youth Theatre, where we first presented the project live, we were able to finish recordings and improve the songs, so in these moment the true form of World Melancholy is already visible.


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