Things from life: Patricia Kaas

15 June 2017 text Natalia Ivanova
When she picks up the handset on the other side, Patricia Kaas is in a Czech hotel and she is going to have a concert tonight. Her voice is dense and low, the same as when she sings, and we unwittingly imagine everything on her side black and white, with a few chords getting out of the piano in the room.

Her music has always sounded like this - wise, sensual, melancholy and "French" like Edith Piaf's, to whom she've been often compared. Today Kaas is 50 and from her first album Mademoiselle chante... in 1988 to Patricia Kaas in 2016 her style remains a warm alloy of chanson, jazz and pop. But the lyrics in it are getting more daring with their topics - from the the terrorist attacks in Paris to an incest. While we are waiting for them to spill live in the acoustics of Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture, we listen to Patricia's deep voice from her fragile eight years, down to the melancholy and sadness, and finally to the laughter and the passion to compose your own home - from the tree on the floor to the last crystal pendant over your head.


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