All is Quiet at the North Borders

20 August 2013 by Ivan Hadjevelikov, photos by Andrew de Francesco
We are very much aware that Simon Green's Bonobo project is one of the very best when it comes to brooding, melancholic, progressive and intelligent electronic music. What's more, Simon never disappoints. After the 2010 stunner Black Sands, this year he presented us with the splendid The North Borders and we simply can't wait to her the new tracks live at ReelFeel Open Air (Despred at September 17th).
Some weeks before the event, we cought up with simon for a short music chat.

What's next in the Bonobo journey after the trips to the Black Sands and to The North Borders?
The Black Sands (and The North Borders for that matter) aren't physical places but rather a state of mind. The North Borders symbolize the strife of leaving your own comfort zone and exploring new, uncharted territory.

Bajka contributed to some tracks in Days to Come, Andreya Triana was featured in Black Sands while in The North Borders we hear the vocals of Szjerdene, Erykah Badu and Cornelia. How do you manage to attract such lovely female singers for each recording session?
Let's not forget Grey Reverend even though he's a man. Well, things just happen the most normal way possible. I work on some track, let the singers listen to the demo and eventually they like it and do the vocals.

We've seen Bonobo live in Sofia with Andreya behind the mic. Who will you be bringing with you this time?
This time you'll see Szjerdene in action.

Do you think this whole thing would come to a good end?
It's already good and it doesn't need to end. everything is alright.

What kind of music did you grew up with?
Mainly acoustic, folk stuff. That was the kind of music my parents used to listen, my father was part of the UK folk scene. And some jazz.

Bonobo Live Band play at Reelfeel Open Air, Despred, September 17th, 18:00, 35/40BGN from


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