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1 May 2018
They often call him "Sting's guitarist", but in parallel with this 30-year tandem, Dominic Miller haven't stopped making his own music. Shortly after the release of their Ten Summoner's Tales (including Shape of my Heart, whose story we hear below), in 1995 he released his first solo album First Touch, which he recorded in his living room surrounded by his children (to date - six).

His personal life, however, has been on the same string with music since ever: Dominic grows in Argentina where he touches the guitar for the first time, then moves to the United States and plays in different bands, and in the 80s he was invited on the tours of King Swamp, The Pretenders, Phil Collins, Paul Young and Level 42. How his latest Silent Light album sounds we'll hear in Sofia Live Club on12th of May, but before his guitar takes the floor, Mr. Miller puts us a few songs that tell us stories of the man behind.

The song that reminds you of your childhood in Argentina
Jorge Cafrune – Zamba de mi esperanza

I remember hearing this a lot when I was growing up. It perfectly describes the soundscape to my childhood.

The song that you use to play at your first gigs in high school

Brothers Johnson – Get The Funk Out Ma Face

I was in a cover soul band at high school in America and we used to play this and a lot of souls and R&B.

The song that "taught" you to play the guitar

Eagles – One of These Nights

I remember deconstructing this solo and rhythm part by ear and always been fascinated by the Eagles guitar playing. I still am.

The song that reminds you of your first years with Sting
Sting – The soul cages

This was a stand out song in my early days with Sting. Very fresh rock energy which was so fun to play live.

That one brilliant guitar solo that you wish you had played
Funkadelic – Maggot Brain

This is the most honest and sublime playing of guitar. There are many examples but this really speaks to me. So raw.

The song that you wrote in one breath

Sting – Shape Of My Heart

This kind of wrote itself. I feel like I was just there. Then when Sting wrote lyrics to it we had a song written in less than a day.

The song that will always be a part of your gigs
Dominic Miller – Eclipse

This is the first track of my first album and I can’t imagine ever excluding it from a show.

The song that reminds you of your favorite place
The Girl from Ipanema (Original version)

Rio is my favourite city and this song perfectly takes me there every time.

The song that you play when you're alone

John Williams – Bach (Prelude and Fugue in Am BWV 997)

I love this tube which I use as practice and meditation. It’s so beautiful... and difficult, but worth it.

The song that we didn't ask about but you still wanted to play
Stevie Wonder – Superstition

This is the funkiest and best feel record I’ve ever heard. It always makes me feel happy and optimistic.

Dominic Miller is in Sofia Live Club on 12th of May at 21:00, 30lv from and 40lv at the entrance on the day of the concert


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