Silent Joy

26 February 2009 text Nikola Shahpazov

Have you ever expected such a success when you started the Silent Disco parties in 2002?
At the end of the first night we were very pleased with the result. We discussed whether to leave that as a successful experiment, or to make it more popular. And chose the second option.
Silent Disco is better known as a festival event. Is it so influential in a hall?
We had events in clubs from the very start - completely sold out. Because of the digital transmission and the quality headphones, Silent Disco provides equally good sound for everyone.
What is the reaction of the people, who come to Silent Disco for the first time?
Most people find it terrific, absolutely new and even relieving experience.


Deejay Flo

You are one of the Silent Disco residents from the very start. How did they change through the years?
At my first party about 5 years ago the atmosphere was very intimate - there were about 100 people. Now there are up to 2500 people, but the atmosphere is the same. So in some sense, Silent Disco has not changed.
Is there a great difference between playing a set at ordinary parties and Silent Disco?
Yes, no doubt about that. I have been a DJ at lots of normal parties, but if I have to choose between them and Silent Disco - I would pick up the latter.
We know that you mix everything from house to rock. Is it going to be like that in Sofia?
I still do not know. In fact - I never know. I do not have a playlist or something like that - I play according to my mood.


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