The Masked Attack

26 February 2009 text Nikola Shahpazov
A lot of people remained stunned when the Finnish hard rock monsters Lordi won the Eurovision 2006. But we have to admit it - they deserve the attention paid to them. The combination of horror costumes and heavy guitars is not something new, but they have perfected it to the last detail. The band is especially good when playing live. Just before their concert in Paris we called bass player Ox, who promised us that the Lordi spectacle in Sofia on 6 March will be terrific.

A week ago we heard that the band leader Mister Lordi got a cold. How is he feeling now?
Yes, that is right. It is not only him - I had started to get sick too. I guess that the virus is spreading in our tour bus. But that can not stop us - we continue the tour and until now everything is going as planned.

We are calling you right before the concert - you must be preparing the costumes and make up already. How much time does that take?
It is different. Mister Lordi's case is most complicated - his preparations take about 3-4 hours. For the rest it takes from 20 minutes to 1 hour - I need about 40 minutes. I even would not say it is tiring - we have been doing that for so many years it has turned into routine.

Do the people know how you look without the masks?
Very few people have seen our faces. We do not allow to be shoot while not on stage. Well, some of the most fanatic fans have seen us - while we are getting off the bus, for example.

What can we expect for the concert on 6 March?
We have prepared something outstanding for you! This year our live show is better than ever. The stage is arranged as some strange hospital - there is even a table for autopsies and Mister Lordi is walking around with a saw.

Probably you will play tracks from last year's Deadache?
Yes, of course, but we have also included some very old stuff. Even from our first album Get Heavy, which we have not played for years.

Lordi are at Hristo Botev Hall, March 6, 18:00, 20/35BGN from


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