Rock’N’Roll Is Alive

26 February 2009 Petya Zlatanova
With hand on the heart we can call him "the man-voice". Nasko from BTR remains (thank God) from a clean image of the Bulgarian rock. On 8th of March Stara Zagora will meet BTR in club IL Mondo. But not with flowers and roses, with a strong dose of adrenaline and serotonin.

Let's start with the hot news around BTR. What are the latest events about the group?
Besides the presentation of the new clip, BTR has club participations until the end of winter. Currently we have preliminary discussions with John Lawton of Uriah Heep for a couple of concerts in Ukraine and Serbia, as well as of July Morning in Kamen Briag. On spring we'll film and third clip.

A long time ago Lenny Kravitz sang Rock'N'Roll Is Dead ... What happens in practice?
A long time I have not seen such a big interest in rock music ... Look the concert of AC/DC! The rock is more alive than ever!

BTR 17 years, 10 albums of outstanding success. Do you make a revision sometimes of the achievements?
At least once a year. Since a long time we have achieved as much as any other group or artist BG was not reached. Increasingly look outside.

How the temptations affected of fame? You change something you renown?
No, I hope.

What was Nasko from the band Satellite before years and what is Nasko from BTR today?
I always wanted to be a guy who loves to sing and to entertain. I hope I'll stay the same, albeit a little gray.

In recent postdemokratic years Bulgarian rock changes. What deficits today in pop and rockmusic in Bulgaria? It seems that there are many sound artists, authors and ideas...
The biggest problem is the profile (and stupid texts) and plagiarism (clean up and stealing songs from nonbulgarian hits) in all styles!

World financial crisis has fon life for most people. After so many crisis, according to what formula you stay for us, the Bulgarians?
" This will pass. " Unfortunately Bulgarians increasingly closed in themselves and less active citizen and a member of society. I hope at least to put more active this year.

Which songs will play in the Stara Zagora club IL Mondo? More rock or the situation will be "heavy"?
Never decide in advance. Certainly many of our new songs from Deja Vu, and the most familiar hits. You'll have fun this holiday!


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