Chillout Jazz Octet

12 March 2009 text Petya Todorova, photos Pavel Badzhakov
Along the countless contributions at international festivals and concerts throughout the country, Plovdiv jazzman Petar Salchev always finds a way to keep alive the spirit of jazz in his hometown. He is here again with another idea, which will be happened these days in the club Geppi. On the stage there will be together eight musicians, ready to fill the air with rhythm dancing.

Tell us about the upcoming provocation to the jazz connoisseurs in Plovdiv?
Now we are Milen Kukosharov (keyboards), Dimitar Lyolev (saxophone), Martin Doykin (bass) Borislav Petrov (drums), Emil Pehlivanov (percussion) and me (vocals), but again we are different and staying on the edge of jazz conception and modern chillout sound.
This time Borislav Petrov is on the focus; he successfully manifests on the Dutch club scene recently. And for a little freshness we decided to expand the form with a small bras section, which is our surprise for the audience.

You just returned from the trip ... on business or pleasure you have been?
When it comes to inspiration, what all we need, I can’t determine my trip as just a business or leisure. For me the reasons are not the most important. Every journey is inspiring. And talking about the last one - it was really like that.

What bring you more satisfaction - solo performances with various musicians or events in one group, whose composition is constant?
Music to me is a clash of personalities and always new, different provocation. Just as in life. Therefore I prefer to meet more and different personalities on stage. These interactions show me more and more new and different way to myself. It is one more way to have fun.

You had a dream to sing with Orlin Goranov. Did you do it?
Hah, I do not remember such a dream, but I like it, it sounds great. I can say only one thing about him – he is great. We have not been in a scene together, but I am sure that this will happen one day.

What about your improvisations on classical music?
If you talk about the project, inspired by the music of Verdi, it was just an idea in which I was involved. I just had fun with my colleagues Beloslava, Vassil Petrov and Edelina Kaneva. I think the job was well done.

What is on your focus at the moment?
I am trying to finish up a new song. I am working with some young musicians for whom surely you will hear soon. My weakness in the last few years is Plovdiv Big Band; I want to raise an increasing popularity. I think my colleagues appreciate the ideas and I am grateful for that. The work with my students is important for me, too.

Is it a dream that never came true?
Dreams are dreams, because they are high. I am satisfied and happy in small successes, which happen to me every day.


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