Bulgarian-Hungarian Connection

26 March 2009 text Petya Todorova, photos by the Artists
Balint Petz

Are you excited with your first face to face meeting with Ana? What are your expectations?
Certainly there is an excitment when you approach something new in your life or carreer, but as we have been in daily contact with Ana for more than a year now, I would say I am visiting an old friend. I am looking forward to meet her ideas in person and see how this combination dance and solo guitar work on stage.

How well you know Ana’s art?
Ana has told me about her works,saw her videos of Barefooted tango or Carmen, and I know her work she did in a jail and how their lives have changed after meeting art. I think the most important is to understand how she thinks about art, and this is the base of our communication.

Have you ever work on another project, without any personal contact and only by Internet conversations?
This is the first time to make it this way, but since almost everything is possible with these techniques now, I find it absolutely normal to use the internet to change ideas, or to create new artistic projects.

How often do you travel?

Working with Elsa Valle and Omar Bashir gives me travels reguraly, I give concerts abroad every month.

This is your first visit in Bulgaria, Isn’t it?
Yes, this will be my first time, but I watched videos about Plovdiv on the net, and I adored what I saw there.

Will you play any compositions from this album on which you work now?
 Yes, I am very happy to have the chance to present my work before releasing the album, apart from my songs I will be playing from the greatest cuban and brazilian composers also.

Where this passion of yours in Latin music comes from?
I believe the passion is inside, and the form to let it come out is this type of music. I met the work of Paco de Lucia in 1996 and since then I was concentrating on acoustic guitar music, and influenced by his and other masters works I later studied cuban, brazilian and jazz music that by now matured inmy sould, and when I play the audience can taste the flavours of these different styles in my music.

Balint Petz and Ana Karakasheva are at Lebowski Club, March 28, 21:30


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