The Triple Alliance

2 April 2009 text Ana Vucheva, photos by Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotsev Studio
There has not been a Bulgarian concert with such a store of energy for a long time - on 9 April in Blue Box we will see Animatsionerite, Panican Whyasker and Babyface Clan performing together. So we contacted the leaders of the three bands - Gurko, Nufri and Naso Ruskov, to have a talk about the romantic sides of showbusiness.

Naso Ruskov (Babyface Clan)

Does the reunion of the Clan mean that the Imbeciles project is over?
No. In London the situation is pretty hard right now, the crisis is total and it is no use to stay there. So Charly and me decided that reuniting Babyface and playing old stuff is not enough and it will be good to record a new cool album in order to wake up the local scene which is in deep sleep right now. We keep Imbeciles operational - Kosio from Bluba Lu will be on the drums.

Say something about the guys from Panican and Animatsionerite?
We know each other with Panican very well, we are very good friends and we have always been tightly connected. Before becoming Panican, they were Piromania, and even before that they were Rok Rejim - I even recorded a track with them in the National Radio, in Bulgarian. We discovered Animatsionerite while I was working in Tangra Radio and we played them very often.

Is it time for real showbusiness?
Same people overestimate themselves and think there is much more showbusiness than existing. Other get depressed and do nothing. But if you just act you can do a lot of stuff; if you have a fan base, you can keep and enlarge it.


Nufri (Panican Whyasker)

What can we expect from Panican at this concert?
We have not stopped to play in the last years and after Eastern European Monkeys we made a lot of new music, so we will perform new tracks.

Does new tracks mean a new album?
This will be our first album with so many tracks - 13-14 are ready plus 5-6 more which I intend to serve the band as an acoustic set. And it will be probably released on the Internet.

What about the other two bands - the Clan and Animatsionerite?
I am probably one of the first to hear Babyface Clan - it was 1989 and I was in the army. I know all Naso Ruskov's periods but after he went to London we lost contact. I hope that he will make the fans respect the local stage again. I want some more interest in the local stage which is in agony right now. And about Animatsionerite - I like their old stuff, the new one resembles Justin Timberlake.


Gurko (Animatsionerite)

Is it true that you are ready with a lot of new hits?
Yes, I have lots of music but waiting for my musicians to enter a more active phase.

The Clan and Panican a little differ from you in image and sound, how are you going to cope with that?
We will be rock - just a guitar, bass and drums. With no electronic, which is a little strartling, but Zaeka (Nikolai Bekriev) will take care of our image.

Do you remember when you first heard the other two bands?
I saw Babyface for the first time on the BNT in 1993 in a show called Rokoko. I was very impressed and keep an eye on their stuff since then. I am a fan of Nufri's old things since 1991 and like them since. I like their performances and their music. They are legends. Some of the bands from our generation will be remembered - the young ones do not stand such a chance, they have to be really good.


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