Imported from Amsterdam

16 April 2009 text Nikola Shahpazov
Mark Foggo is English, but has lived in Amsterdam for such a long time that we accept him and his band The Skasters as pure Dutch product. The group is coming for Radio Tangra's second birthday and we called Mark to tell us what is he going to bring as a birthday present.

On Mark Foggo's Skasters' official website it is written in caps WE ARE BACK TO BULGARIA!!! It seems that this concert is special for you?
Yes, all the guys in the band are excited. The main reason is that last time it was fun - a huge audience and we met really great people. We decided to get back to Bulgaria one day.

You know that you are playing on Radio Tangra's Birthday, don't you?
Oh, yes, we are even flattered by that fact - this makes the concert even more special.

Probably you will bring a special present?
For sure. But you have to tell me what are the laws in Bulgaria and are there banned substances?

All substances you are thinking of are banned.
That will make things complicated. I want to bring something special, but I do not want to get arrested at the airport. At least that would spoil the concert.

How does your new album sound?
It is going well - ska, but with one punk track for a change.

You have been with The Skasters for 20 years already. Have you ever wondered how long can you go on with the tours and the recordings?
I have decided I will do that till I die. Nothing brings me more pleasure than music.


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