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30 April 2009 text Diana Georgieva, photos by Valentin Danovski for Angel Kotsev Studio
Recently hip hop is not among the most popular genres in Bulgaria. But, fortunately, there are still people around who do it well - like Wosh MC, for example, who has just released his debut album, Animal.

How did you and the others in Illmate decide to establish your own label?
Because 90% of the rap performers in Bulgaria are absolutely untalented, feeble and worthless when it comes to music. Our label is established with the purpose to kick these duffers out of the stage.

Why did you choose the title Animal?
There is a song of the same name which I made in 2005 and it is the oldest one in the album, the others are pretty new. A few months ago I braced up my energies and made them. I have not slept for a third day in a row, that is why I look like that on the photos (laughter).

To whom is your album dedicated to?
To all the people who have a sense for music and treat it as an art. All people in Bulgarian show business are just pretenders and when I watch them on TV I start to feel sick.

Years ago rap music was very popular, but that is over. A lot of people stopped making hip hop. But you are going on. Why?
If you stop making hip hop because it is not in fashion any more, then you are one of these worthless people I was talking about. There is no force on Earth that can stop me to do what I am doing. And if someone finds such reasons to quit rap, this means that he is a piece of crap whose place has never been and will never be in that music.

I saw Ennio Morricone among your top friends in MySpace?
Yes, I am a great fan of his. For me he is an absolute genius.

So you are not listening to hip hop only?
I listen to everything from Pantera, Sex Pistols, The Beatles and Queen to Beastie Boys. The hip hop performers I listen to are musicians as well - they are not just making samples and beats plus vocals, but there are also guitars, trumpets and all other instruments.


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