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14 May 2009 text Nikola Shahpazov, photos Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotsev Studio
It is a Monday morning and in the corridors and studios of TV2 you can sense unusual excitement. There is a good reason for us to become a part of the whole mess - there are only about ten days remaining till the triple concert of Reviu, Hipodil and Control and a little before the last rehearsals we have a meeting with Vaso Giurov, Milena Slavova, Svetlio Vitkov and Kolio Gilana.

Milena and Vasil Giurov (Reviu)
Only about a month ago there was a similar triple concert by Babyface Clan, Panican Whyasker and Animatsionerite. Is this some seasonal movement of the old dogs?
Milena: I like that for the old dogs - and a bitch, I have to add. It looks like there is a demand for such music and it is nice that Svetlio is organizing something like that - me and Vasil are not businessmen at all.
Vasil Giurov: Yes, there has always been a hunger for such music. In recent years there are no big concerts by Bulgarian bands. That is why such events are welcome - more activity is needed.

Since when have not you played in this line-up?
VG: For the last few years we have about 3-4 concerts of Reviu with Milena - she simply travels a lot and cannot always play with us. But we have to pay more attention to the new tracks - we have lots of them and it is high time we recorded them.

I suppose that on 22 May you will play mainly old Reviu songs?
VG: I think that on concerts you have to play only well-known tracks. This is not the place to try new material.


Kolio Gilana (Kontrol)
Since when have not you played in this line-up?
The last time was 5 years ago when we made a national tour with Shturtsite and Ahat. Last year it was 20 years since the start of Control - maybe that was the right time for us to make a big concert.

Do your fans have to wait another 5 years to see you playing live?
We have not thought about that. Me and the others from the band have obligations of our own. There is no use talking such stuf - time will tell.

Probably you have not settled the set-list, but I suppose you will play old tracks only?
The whole concert will be based on hits. Bii Hlapeto, Ujas, Bulka, Nai-shtastliviqt Den.


Svetlio Vitkov (Hipodil)
Svetlio, you are the main organizer of the event. When did the idea for this triple concert emerge?
3 years ago we made a concert with Upsurt, Hipodil and Reviu. Now we want to gather three of the most important bands in Bulgarian punk, post-punk or whatever you may call it.

Since when have not you played in this line-up?
10 years. And the people have always wanted Hipodil. And although now I am involved in Svetlio & The Legends, I will always be associated with Hipodil.

Gathering Hipodil probably has been difficult...
It was hard, of course. And when a band has splitted up this means that there were very complicated problems inside it which have been difficult to solve.

Probably you will put the emphasis on your first albums - from Alkoholen Delirium to S Gol v Rukata...
Yes, the tracks until 1996. As we had once defined our style - agro-alco-porn-punk.

Reviu, Hipodil and Control are in the Winter Palace, 22 May, 20:00, 25BGN from


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