Gipsy Summer

4 June 2009 text Nikola Shahpazov
Meet the World festival starts on 7 June with electronic music, brass beat and gypsy melodies, delivered by German DJ and Balkan music fan Shantel and his Bukovina Club Orkestar.

How's the tour going?
Wonderful, it going really good. In fact, this tour is not something special, because my band and me are playing live almost constantly.

What is more fun - playing live, or making DJ sets?
I am very happy that I can do both. Sometimes it is impossible to play live - the place is too small, or the promoters are short of budget. In such cases I am simply a DJ. Live performance is always special when there is a DJ involved and for a DJ is very good to play at least one instrument.

What have you prepared for the concert in Sofia?
I have no idea, hahaha. This is something like a concept for me - I choose the tracks in the last moment, very spontaneously. And that's why there are always surprised people.

When are you going to release your new album Planet Paprika?
I think that the first single will be released very soon and the album itself in August. We will play the new tracks on this tour in order to prepare the release in August.

Will you buy some Bulgarian music while you are in Sofia?
Oh, yes - I buy music from all places I visit. The most interesting thing for me are the similar music motives in different countries - there are lots of common features between different cultures. In continental Europe, for instance, there are no clear borders when the word comes to music.

Do you like other bands which mix Balkan music with pop rock - like Gogol Bordello or Kultur Shock?
I have no clear opinion for my colleagues - there are good things and bad things as well. But as a whole it is nice to see that the whole African-American mainstream rock'n'roll cliche is not working any more. For a long time everything was dominated by the West and now it is time for a change.

Shantel and Bukovina Club Orkestar are in Universiada Hall, 7 June, 19:30, 30/40BGN,


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