The Silence of the Lambs

18 June 2009 text Anelia Aleksandrova
The cult band Lamb is united again - they do no promise more than a few live concerts this summer, but one of them is in Sofia - 20 June, the last day of the Park Live festival. And Lou is already eager to see the Bulgarian fans.

Hi, Lou! You are together again for a few festival dates. Is this just the beginning of something bigger?
We are not looking further than the summer, but the feeling is great. No big expectations or big plans - we just want to make a few shows and feel the pleasure of playing together again.

2009 seems to be the year of the big returns - a lot of great bands re-united, like Lamb. Is there some special reason for that?
I do not know, honestly. It may be connected to global recession, or maybe the people simply want to hear all those bands.

You mentioned that electronic music does not move you anymore...
After we split I started doing folklore - the music I grew with. In some way I returned to my first love. This moves me right now - the most natural music possible.

Is there any chance of a new Lamb album?
I have no idea what is going to happen. We had a great time with the band, but now I really do not know

Tell us more about your show in Sofia. Do you have a setlist already?
No, but the people will not be disappointed. There will be a lot of their favourite songs. The length of our performance depends on the organizers of the fest. I hope that the setlist will not be too short.

Tell us the a part of the last lyrics you wrote. Something short?
Oh, let me think. it was not a long time ago, I am making a new album after all... Maybe the title of the first track of the new album, which is All It Takes is One Big Thing to Happen.

Lamb are on the main stage at Park Live, Borisova gradina, Kolodruma,
20 June

1 Day ticket - 25/35/45/55/65BGN, 3 day ticket - 60/65/85/95/115BGN,


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