The Godfather 3

25 June 2009 text Anelia Aleksandrova
The Man-Machine from Bronx is coming to Bulgaria for the third time. If you have not seen before Rahzel, the biggest beatboxer in the world, this time you have no excuse. Because of him now beatbox, the fifth element of hip hop, is a separate art form.

You have already been in Bulgaria twice. What were your first impressions?
O, I liked it very much, people enjoy good music there. I met lots of nice people, even one very good beatboxer, but I do not remember his name. About 20 years old, tall... I think he was blond.

I have some suggestions, but what interests me more is whether our people treated you with some of their stuff, you know what I mean?
No, I have not smoked any of your crop.

I am telling you the truth, extra honestly.

What is Mike Patton doing, have you heard him recently?
Mike is pretty good, even excellent. In fact he will release my next album through his label Ipecac. We made a track together, you will hear it in the album.

You were a part of a great band, The Roots. Why did you decide to leave it?
For me it was a great experience which will never be repeated. But after all everyone is walking his own way and follow his destiny. I devoted myself to beatboxing because there are thousands of people in the world who want this and I must give it to them.

Which are the three most important things a beatboxer should possess to become as good as you?
He must be original, gifted and to want more at the end of every day. He must never stop, he should always think of doing things he has never done before.


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