2 July 2009 text Anelia Aleksandrova, photos by Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotzev Studio
The first association which jumps out in our minds when the name 1000 names is mentioned is Bulgarian electronic music for export. Behind the artistic nicknames Cassio Blaster and 99 Mistakes are hidden Margo and Niko - two Bulgarian producers and DJs.

Recently your name can be heard more and more frequently, but please intruduce yourselves in brief?
Cassio Blaster: We are mainly producers, we work in Sofia. From time to time we are also DJs and work with the French label Eklektik Records. For the time being we have one album - Toys Room Combat, one small album - Worth Making a Noise About, and a single - Monobinate Vs. Run! don't walk.

Are you preparing a new single?
99 Mistakes: We are preparing a new album, but it is still not clear what is it going to be. We have a lot of material and we have to systematize it. Honestly, we still have no idea.

We will wait. Tell us how did you find each other?
99 Mistakes: We have been together all our lives.
Cassio Blaster: We know each other since high school. I have always played and he has always been into visual arts. We have been making music together since 1998.

They call your style emotronic, how do you call it?
99 Mistakes: It is kind of a joke. Different people give different definitions, but in fact there is no such a thing. Our manager said it best - electronic with emotion.
Cassio Blaster: Thigs have been mixing up for years now. There are lots of elements in our music - electronic, hip hop.

You say your biggest inspiration is the LA scene?
Cassio Blaster: A very developed scene with lots of artists. We are in contact with many of them through MySpace - Ras G, Matthew David.
99 Mistakes: We made a remix for Matthew David but it is not released yet. As a whole we try to keep away from remixes. We have unsuccessful attempts and we prefer working with our own sound.


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