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1 April 2010 Ana Vucheva
Concha Buika is spanish-african singer and composer. She has two Grammy nomination, she worked with Nelly Furtado and has the admirations of Pedro Almodovar. Concha Buika is comming at 17th of April.

Are you ready for the tour?

Yes, we are leaving tomorrow. We have a show in Spain first. The second show is in Germany, then in Columbie and Costa Rika and then - back to Europe. The music we do is for everybody - free of nationality, bounds or borders. It`s just an inspiration. My music may be done in Spain, but I sing for the whole world.

Tell us more about the show in Sofia. What shoud we expect?  

I`m comming with some great musicians and my new album El Ultimo Trago - a tribute to Chavela Vargas. I remember the first time I`ve heard  Chavela - I was still a child. My father left us and my mother did nothing, but listening to sad music. Then, when I grew up and left home, I brought the music of Chavela with me. So, she was next to me. My whole life... She even says that I`m her black dother!

Pedro Almodovar and Chucho Valdes are also among your friends. Is it nice to work with friends?

Yes, of course. Somehow I`m surrounded by friends. That`s how it shoud be. The important is to stay true to your ideals. For me music is God. The art is religion!

 Concha Buika, NDK, 17th of April, 19:30, tichets from, 30/40/50/60/70/80lv




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