The Flight of The Seagull

8 April 2010 Nikolay Vasilev, photo Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotzev Studio
The vanguard-rock band Tumno, the strange guy Bicheto, the hip-hop boys from VFG, the metal band Panaka and the new electronic project Seagullboy have something in common. Do you know what it is? Let us introduse you Vasil Rusev - The Seagull

Tell us about this new project Seagullboy?
I write songs, and I have plenty of them ready. So I decided to introduce my work to the audience. I`m planning to make a new video this month.

Your first song has elecrto-rock sound. The second is more disco, the third  - chill-house... What`s your direction?
I have no style. I do what I like and how I feel it. Some songs have more guitar sounds, other - electric sounds.. I have no bounds. Even so, I won`t  go in trash metal direction, of course!

Desi from Phuture Shok is the voice of True Love. Are you planning to work with other guest-musicians?
Yes, I do. In fact I`m recording a song with Rony from Nasekomiks. I`m thinking about a video as well, but it`s kind of expensive, so - we will see...

You`ve done all kind of music - from pop till metal? How come you have so many faces?

Naturally. It may sound strange, but I really like all kind of music. In the beginning of 90`s we had I lot of hope. We tried to change something, to succed, but as you can see - all failed. Now I`m older and wiser, but i start all over. That means that I still have hope!


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