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29 April 2010 Nikolay Vasilev
On the 4th of May Bluba Lu will have a big show at Sofia Live Club. We`ll here live performances of the second CD of the 6th studio album of the band  - Quadrotopia. Each of the Bluba Lu fans will leave the concert with a present - Bluba Lu Quadrotopia album. It may sounds to good , but it`s real.

What to expect on the 4 of May?
Dimitar Paskalev: It`s a secret. The only think I can say is: expect the unexpected.

The concert is all about the Quadrotopia bonus CD. Why is that?
Dimitar Paskalev: Because we`ve never done this before.

There is`n a lot of information about you and your music in media, but your concerts are always full.
Konstantin Kacarski: First, we don`t have huge shows often. Each of our concerts is different from the others and most of all: we make true fans the last 10 years. The concert on the 4 of May is a present for them.

Can you discribe the music of Quadrotopia?
Dimitar Paskalev: It`s the album for the real time and the neverending time. We like to joke about that. We often say that the first CD is about the neverending time and the other - sbout the new era.

Would you represent the guest-musicians in the album?
Dimitar Paskalev: When we first started to work on Quadrotopia, we decidef that we need three voices. So we found them. They are Naya, Sihaya and Peny O` Sulivan. With a little help, we found the other voices we needed. But we wont`t say anything about the concert - they may sing with us, or not. You should come and see for yourselves.


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