Goldie’s Crown Jewels

10 June 2010 by Nikolay Vasilev, photos CODA Music Agency LLP
A week before the huge show in Sofia, Goldie took some time off to answer a few of our question. Read carefully! You`ll learn about Russian nuclear bunkers, symphonic remix of Timeless and much more.

 What’s going on with you these days?
I’m just busy at the moment filming a show for the BBC called “Goldie’s Crown Jewls”. I’m traveling all over the UK looking for artist and then myself along with 3 other producers will be putting a band together to perform at a very special venue in England. A clue is in the title of the show.

You'll be appearing on the second evening of Sofia's Park Live Fest 2010 - an open-air event that's going to be held in a park situated right next to Bulgaria's main airport. What are your expectations? And has anything similar happened to you before?
I’ve played at Festival all over the world. But Bulgaria holds good memory’s for me.

Actually, what's the weirdest venue you've ever performed at?
A nuclear bunker in Russia, 6 am till midday with me and Diselboy back to back.

What should we expect from your DJ set at Park Live Fest 2010?
Cutting edge music from Metalheadz and stone cold classics.

It's said that you transformed drum'n'bass from an underground movement into mainstream. Would you agree on such a statement?
I was the first to expirence commercial success with Timeless within drum’n’bass. So I guess I was the first to bring it to the mainstream.

You're famous for your collaborations with various artists. Which of them is your favourite one - the collaboration you'll never forget?
Truth with David Bowie .

What about any awful experience while collaborating with an artist - has there been any?
A few, but I’m not going to tell you who. haha

Is there any artist you'd live to work with, but you've never had the chance to... so far?
Pat Metheny, Skream or Amy Whinehouse

Most critics claim that out the half a dozen albums you've released, the best one remains your debut, Timeless. Do you think so and - apart from commercial success - which is the favourite album of yours in your own discography?
Timeless will always be very close to me, but I do rate all the others.

You released your latest album Memoirs of an Afterlife under the moniker Rufige Kru. Why? And how do you decide when to use the alias Goldie and when - Rufige Kru? Actually, what's Rufige Kru supposed to mean?
Rufige kru is when I can let go a bit more and go a bit more “dance floor”. Goldie albums have always been more conceptual.

There's news that you've been working on rearranging Timeless for a performance with a choir and an orchestra. Is that so, and if yes - would you please tell us something more about this idea of yours? And when should we expect to hear the end result?
Yes this is true, expect to see a tour in 2011 with a host of special guests performing the tracks. Can’t go into to much detail now. But it’s going to be large!

What's going on with your Metalheadz label? What should we await from it?
We have a commix remix album coming out on October 4th, along with singles from Jubei, Commix, Lenzman, S.P.Y, Mikal, Subwave & more. I’m really happy with the out put of the label at the moment and we’ve just signed some exciting artist to the label for album in the future.

And what should we await from Goldie (or Rufige Kru) after your set at Park Live Fest 2010?
I have a mix CD coming out late 2010 and I’m doing varoius TV programs for the BBC.

If there's anything you'd like to add...?


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