Back Again

17 June 2010 Nikola Shahpazov
This Sunday we`ll have a chance to see Skye Edwards. She`s always been not only the voice, but also the face of Morcheeba, so we talked to her and we asked her about the meaning of new albums name Blood Like Lemonade

You are back again. Was it hard for you to make this decision?
Yes, it was hard. I was working on my second album Keeping the Secret when I got the invitation from Paul and Ross. I was wondering what decision to make, but then we went out for a dinner - it was fun and we decided to go on together.

You must be glad...
Yes, I am. Everybody looks so happy, especially the three of us! But still -  we know that every one of us has his own life and his own career. Ross makes soundtracks, Poul works with different singers... But if working together brings us fun, we`ll keep on...

This album is made online - you shared files and online ideas. Is it nice to work like that?
We live in different counties  -  I live in UK, Paul in France and Ross in United States -  so that was the easiest way for us to work. Moreover - it`s always nice to have the comfort of your own home

Blood Like Lemonade.  It sounds strange, ain`t it?
Yes, but that was how we want it. Actually Ross was the big supporter of that idea. He liked the way it sounds and the way it look, written on a sheet of paper.

Maybe your next great hit hides in Blood Like Lemonade?
Probably. Our great hit ever - Rome Wasn`t Build For a Day was made by purpose. I mean -  we wanted to do a hit and we didi it. With our new album It`s different.  This time we don`t care if we have a hit. We just want to have one really nice album.

Are you nervous - you haven`t play together for so long...
I`m always nervous. I drink a glass of whisky before every concert! It helps!


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