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17 June 2010 by Nikola Shahpazov, photos Roadrunner Records, live photos Ivailo Ivanov - IVU for
We contact the bass-player of  the American alternative metal band Stone Sour. Shawn Economaki told us about the Nashville flooding, the new album Audio Secrecy and the European fans.

You are with Stone Sour from the very beginning. Do you think you`ve changed a lot?
The main change is that we don`t play only in our home town, we make world tours now, haha. Our music change a lot, but that came naturally.
You made your third album Audio Secrecy in Blackbird Studios at the tame of Nashville flooding.
Yes, it was terrible - a lots of people lost their homes, many died. The studio was on a top of a hill, so we weren`t in any danger.

Your third album is much different from the others
I guess so. You have probably heard Mission Statement  - the song can be downloaded for free. It`s the only pure Stone Sour song.  The others have a bit different sound, but not too different.

And the new songs for the tour are...
Mission Statement, The Bitter End и Digital. Fans like those song a lot. The day before yesterday we played Mission Statement and the audience sang with us. it was unbelievable!
Do you enjoy your staying in Europe?
Yes, of course. If someone in Europe likes your music, it`s with a lot of passion and love. I`ve never seen something like that in United States.

With one you like the most  - British Download or European Sonisphere?
Oh, it`s a tough question. I don`t know which I like most, but I`m quite sure for one thing -  I love to see thousands of people in front of me.

You are known as calm and quiet person...

Who told you that? It `s not true! I`m everything but quiet!

You look a lot like another great bass player  - Nick Oliveri from The Queens of the Stone Age
I know. You are not the first to notice. But acrually I don`t like to be compared.


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