24 June 2010 text by Elena Peneva, photoes by Valentin Danevski
Marii Rosen is well known as an actor, director and freelance artist. We saw him this spring at Mellow Music Festival. With Help Me Jones Marii Rosen  will play on Exit 2010

Tell us about Help Me Jones
I met Kostia in Estonia. We were there for a video-art workshop. We became friends. We made one very strange performance together - Kostia made the music and I - the video-art. It was kind of cool working together. But I went back in Bulgaria and Kostia -  in Kazahstan. One day Kostia called me on the phone to tell that he plans to came in Bulgarian. The iconomical situatian In Kazahstan isn`t very good, you know. So he needed to escape. The situatian in Bulgaria isn`t so good either. Maybe now we need a new destination to escape!

What about the music?
Kostia makes music from a long time ago. I can sing. I was the only one in school who could sing Bethoven. One day me and Kostia, we just made a song. Not for a purpose. Just for fun. The name came whith a joke too. We were thinking  about the name and I sad "help me. help me..." Kostia sad "Jones" ... Kostia is crazy about disco music. I`m a huge new wave fan - that`s how we mad our style - dis co-new wave

Who makes your videos?
Friends. For free. The director of Rage of Mine is friend of ours. Her name is Maria Arangelova. She heard some a couple of songs and she chose this one. The only thing she wanded for the video was the girl - Nevena. In fact, we have our third video ready. We are planning to make the forth, fifth and sith video...

You whrite Nasecomix lirycs. Is there a song lirycs you wanted to keep for yourself?
Once I gave something to Rony, that I couldn`t get out of my mind. So I asked her to give it bvack to me, haha...

What`s next for Help Me Jones and for you?
Same things -  theatre, videos, festivals and live performances...


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