Burgas Nights

5 August 2010 by Angela Bahran, photos Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotzev Studio
Iordan Nikov, always with a smile at his face, is a part of DS Music team /for those who does not remember, DS Music invited Laibach, The Herbaliser, Thievery Corporation and Stereo MC`s here in Sofia/... Now he`s working on the organisation of Spirit of Burgas. Two weaks before this huge event, we drunk a cup of coffee and talked about the upcoming festival...

How long have you beam in Spirit of Burgas team?
From the very beginning. For those three years I have learned a lot. Three years ago, nobody knew how to organize a festival like Spirit of Burgas, so at the very beginning we worked with well experienced foreigners - basically Englishman from EXIT festival.

How you chose the artist?
The only think I do is give a piece of advice. The booking is long and hard process... Sometimes is almost impossible to invite a band, which the Bulgarian audience is longing to see. You have to find the good balance. We receive thousands of mails with wishes! Fans are praying us to invite this or those band... Sometimes we receive mails from least known bands, who want to play at Spirit of Burgas scene.

Who is the headliner this year?
The Prodigy, for sure! I saw their live performance last year  and I really wanna see them again. I`m waiting to see Gorillaz Sound System - Gorillaz is one of my favorite band. I have always dreamed about Rage Against The Machine and Beastie Boys, but inviting them is almolst imposible - Rage Against The Machine are to expensive for us and Beastie Boys do not play live due to some unpleasant health problems


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