• A Heart Devoted To Music

    14 April 2014

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  • Tango Dreams

    9 April 2014

  • Sylvie!

    8 April 2014

  • Playing

    8 April 2014

  • Submersion in Sound

    12 March 2014

    by Nikola Shahpazov, photo by © LBuckareff

    Drone/doom/ambient act Nadja is a complex beast, described both as extreme and as dreamy. For the last 12 years, mainman Aidan Baker has managed to pull off some 40+ albums, compilations and collaborations, making Nadja a household name in Canadian and European underground.
    It is with gratest of joy that we welcomed the news that Nadja is to perform an exclusive gig in Sofia (Mixtape 5, March 27th) followed by a solo live of Aidan just a day later (Czech Centre, March 28th).
    Both being the perfect excuse for a short conversation with the prolific songwriter and instrumentalist Aidan Baker.
  • Tokyo-Berlin-Sofia

    4 March 2014

  • National Treasure

    26 February 2014

  • Future Kooks Bright

    18 February 2014

    What you`ve been up to lately? Touring around the US and South America. Next stop Europe at the end of the month. Are you still studying comparative literature or you`ve already finished it? What is actually comparative literature? And is ...
  • domingo

    13 February 2014

  • Heroes of Our Time

    12 February 2014

  • The Boy Is Back In Town

    29 January 2014

    This might not be the very first time we see Boy George DJing here but it's a fun evening every time. So we're really looking forward to meeting the man, the icon, the legend in Yalta on February 1st for some house celebration.
    Plus he'll be bringing his British DJ mates Marc Vedo and Mr. C along for even more music and fun!
    Here's what we chatted about with Boy George some three days prior to the party itself.
  • Boundless Violin

    22 January 2014

  • Year Report

    18 December 2013

  • Total Recall

    10 December 2013

  • Ghost Rhymes

    4 December 2013

    by Nikola Shahpazov

  • Transform Toromanov

    3 December 2013

  • A Good Year

    27 November 2013

  • My Old Friend

    20 November 2013

  • The Power of Darkness

    11 November 2013

    text Dannie Nikolova

    Tosca, the Austrian duo composed of Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber, have been making beautiful music together for two decades. Those two friends since childhood, known globally for their exploits investigating the beautiful depths of ambient and downtempo music, are coming in Sofia (21st of November, Sofia Live Club, 23:00). We spoke with Richard Dorfmeiste, curious what to expect from Tosca.
  • It Takes More Than Just A Computer

    6 November 2013