• Stage Fever

    19 August 2010

    text by Veronika Hadjieva, photoes Veneta Rainovska

    Tzveti Chendova made an ambitious step toward the pop-music. After 16 years in jazz, now she is ready for experiments. Her new song is ready. We are looking forward to see her on stage with Karandila Brass Band at Apolonia Festival at the end of this summer.
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  • Uncle!

    11 August 2010

    by Ivan Hadjivelikov

    Was it hard coming to the decision to close your famous Mo’ Wax label? Yes, not a good time... But also it was a very messy time sometimes I look back and don’t know what happened re the decision it kind of just happened. You’ve ...
  • Burgas Nights

    5 August 2010

    by Angela Bahran, photos Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotzev Studio

    Iordan Nikov, always with a smile at his face, is a part of DS Music team /for those who does not remember, DS Music invited Laibach, The Herbaliser, Thievery Corporation and Stereo MC`s here in Sofia/... Now he`s working on the organisation of Spirit of Burgas. Two weaks before this huge event, we drunk a cup of coffee and talked about the upcoming festival...
  • Contra Band

    29 July 2010

    by Ana Vucheva, photos Dimitar Dragnev

    Brand new DJ`s stepped on Bulgarian scene two years ago. Two young, tattooed boys came from France and made The Smugglers Collective.
  • Paragraph 22

    8 July 2010

    Nikolay Vasilev, photoes Danela Kuzmanova (p) 2010 Kontrapunkti

    Roumen Boyadjiev, Konstantin Cekov, Ivan Lechev  - those three man are real legends in Bulgarian rock music. We met, we talked... There are a lot to say about FSB new album and upcoming shows in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna
  • Emergency

    24 June 2010

    text by Elena Peneva, photoes by Valentin Danevski

    Marii Rosen is well known as an actor, director and freelance artist. We saw him this spring at Mellow Music Festival. With Help Me Jones Marii Rosen  will play on Exit 2010
  • Kings of The Stone Age

    17 June 2010

    by Nikola Shahpazov, photos Roadrunner Records, live photos Ivailo Ivanov - IVU for Stroeja.com

    We contact the bass-player of  the American alternative metal band Stone Sour. Shawn Economaki told us about the Nashville flooding, the new album Audio Secrecy and the European fans.
  • Back Again

    17 June 2010

    Nikola Shahpazov

    This Sunday we`ll have a chance to see Skye Edwards. She`s always been not only the voice, but also the face of Morcheeba, so we talked to her and we asked her about the meaning of new albums name Blood Like Lemonade
  • Goldie’s Crown Jewels

    10 June 2010

    by Nikolay Vasilev, photos CODA Music Agency LLP

    A week before the huge show in Sofia, Goldie took some time off to answer a few of our question. Read carefully! You`ll learn about Russian nuclear bunkers, symphonic remix of Timeless and much more.
  • Natural Born Killers

    3 June 2010

    by Anelia Aleksandrova, photos Sony Music Entertainment/Virginia Records

    On the 22 of June Sofia will attract the attention of all the world. We`ll see four huge American trash bands  - Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica. Dave Lombardo promised an unforgettable concert. We`ll see...
  • As It Once Was

    3 June 2010

    by Nikola Shahpazov, photos Rita Carmo

    In certain interviews you say Deolinda stands for a more traditional sound. In that sense, can we say you’re more a folk ensemble than a modern band? Our main goal in Deolinda is to express ourselves through the music we make. We go to ...
  • Version 3.0.

    3 June 2010

    by Dani Nokolova

    Three men in suits, one strange band name and a lot of symbolism. Yes, that`s right: we` re talking about Gotan Progect. They`re playing on Park Life stage at the 19 of June. We talked on the phone with Phillipe Cohen-Solal about so many things: Astor Piazzolla, David Linch and even football...
  • Who`s That Guy

    27 May 2010

    Nikola Shahpazov

    The band is named after an AC/DC song, but this three Danish guys don`t make heavy-metal covers, though. They make pure electronic music with some jazzy elements and rock-energy.
  • Thievery Corporation

    27 May 2010

    We`re talking with Rob Garza from Theievery Corporation about their upcoming concert in Bulgaria (June 1) and their new tracks.
  • Utopic Reality

    29 April 2010

    Nikolay Vasilev

    On the 4th of May Bluba Lu will have a big show at Sofia Live Club. We`ll here live performances of the second CD of the 6th studio album of the band  - Quadrotopia. Each of the Bluba Lu fans will leave the concert with a present - Bluba Lu Quadrotopia album. It may sounds to good , but it`s real.
  • Air Traffic

    22 April 2010

    text by Ana Vucheva

    The two boys lending in Sofia on the 24 th. of April for DJ Mag birthday. They are Italians, born in Belgium, huge fans of Italian disco music.The remix of Robbie Williams Bodies make them popular all over the world.
  • French Dynamo

    15 April 2010

    by Nikola Shahpazov

    The Dynamics is a multicultural band. The guys from the band love reggae music from Jamaica and American soul-music. They do the nicest cover-version ever - from Madonna till The White Stripes and Led Zeppelin. They`re coming to town at 23th of April. We asked about their tour, Robert Plant and moreover - about their second album.
  • The Flight of The Seagull

    8 April 2010

    Nikolay Vasilev, photo Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotzev Studio

    The vanguard-rock band Tumno, the strange guy Bicheto, the hip-hop boys from VFG, the metal band Panaka and the new electronic project Seagullboy have something in common. Do you know what it is? Let us introduse you Vasil Rusev - The Seagull
  • Black Gold

    1 April 2010

    Ana Vucheva

    Concha Buika is spanish-african singer and composer. She has two Grammy nomination, she worked with Nelly Furtado and has the admirations of Pedro Almodovar. Concha Buika is comming at 17th of April.
  • Master Djun

    18 March 2010

    text Anelia Aleksandrova, photos by Ilian Rujin

    Djun Yoshuda has an exotic name and exotic business. We  know him as an excellent cook, funky dj, music lover and a huge fan of Arsenal - the football team of London. That`s what we asked him about. He told us much more...