• Crazy Business

    18 February 2010

    text Anelia Aleksandrova, photos by Elena Nenkova

    One year after Park Live Fest you have the opportunity to get one more doze of Crazy P. But before that we had a talk with Crazy P's disco diva - Daniel Moore.
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  • Women's Time

    11 February 2010

    Nikola Shahpazov

    To what extent does Nemi resemble and differ from you? We have enough in common to be good friends, and far from enough for Nemi to be anywhere near an auto biography. Have there been occasions when people have referred to you as Nemi rather than ...
  • Step by Step

    21 January 2010

    text Veronika Hadjieva, photos by Silvia Bratanova/WINGS

    With two singles and a debut album the last music idol of Bulgaria Magi Djanavarova is taking decisively the music scene – step by step.
  • Closer

    14 January 2010

    text Dima Chakarova, photo by Nedelcho Hazarbasanov

    We find Ruth in the Dutch city of Utrecht where she is writing songs instead of studying for university exams.
  • Regeneration

    17 December 2009

    text Anelia Aleksandrova, photos by Balkan Entertainment

    In 1978 a group of students forms a band in order to make covers of their favourite reggae tracks. They take the name UB40 from a government form for the unemployed. Soon they become pretty famous with songs like Red Red Wine and Can't Help Falling In Love. In 2008, after almost 30 years with the group, vocalist Ali Campbell quit the band and went solo with his own version of the "best reggae band in the world"
  • Numbermania

    3 December 2009

    text by Ana Vucheva, photos by Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotzev Studio

    Looks like Tri O Five struck gold this time - they are ready with a new video and are preparing a new album - a double one.
  • Scottish Warrior

    26 November 2009

    text Anelia Aleksandrova, photos by Universal Music Group/Virginia Records

    After 30 years on stage Simple Minds are still in top shape and are ready to defend their reputation as the most successful Scottish band.
  • Kultura-Diktatura

    12 November 2009

    by Nikola Shahpazov, photos Bruce Tom

    There have been some major line-up changes in the band. Could you present the new members of KS? I don't see it that major. There is only one apsolutelly new person; Bassist Guy Davis. Guy was born in San Francisco, but he lived most of his life in ...
  • Legends of Passion

    5 November 2009

    text Veronika Hadjieva

    Ojos de Brujo (Eyes of a Sorcerer) are one of these bands which mix with ease classical flamenco and modern styles. For their album Techari they won a Latino Grammy and now they are coming to present live their ne wmaterial Aocana - percussionist Max Wright promised us that.
  • Chain Reaction

    29 October 2009

    text Anelia Aleksandrova, photos by EMI/Animato Music

    14 years after their last studio album and 5 years after Lane Staley's death, Alice In Chains are back. The band's bass player since 1993, Mike Inez, gave us even more details than we needed.
  • Nightmares Before Christmas

    22 October 2009

    by Nikola Shahpazov

    Last year Bushmills celebrated their birthday with a Roisin Murphy live concert and this time they have prepared more terrific British sound - the r'n'b' diva Alice Russell and our first meeting with George Evelyn, the unquestionable leader of the trip hop project Nightmares on Wax.
  • It's Goth

    8 October 2009

    text Nikola Shahpazov, photos Century Media/Animato Music

    Autumn is the best season for a new Paradise Lost album. Faith Divides Us - death Unites Us is the perfect soundtrack for long walks in the fallen leaves. On 4 December the band is coming to Sofia for the second time, so we had a chat with their vocalist Nick Holmes who turned out to be a very pleasant company, a keen Celtic Frost fan and a homebird.
  • Sinister Beauty

    1 October 2009

    A year after the return of The Bad Seeds we receive another dose of Nick Cave in a pretty unusual form - 250 pages of maddening beauty, sex and life wisdom. Here you are - The Death of Bunny Munro through the eyes of translator Maria Mihailova.
  • Reservoir Videos

    24 September 2009

    by Anelia Alexandrova, photos Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotsev Studio

  • Free Style

    10 September 2009

    text Borislav Banev, photos Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotzev Studio

    Bobo is something like the light side of our hip hop stage - positive, calm and fresh, without any sign of money-cars-women philosophy. Music is his only expression and he will open the first Grolsch Block Party in Bulgaria together with DVD.
  • Gray's Anatahomy

    3 September 2009

    text Ivan Hadjivelikov, photos by Universal Music Group/Virginia Records

    We have never even dreamed of seeing Macy Gray twice in one night - first singing at the NPC and after DJing in Yalta Club. But as the nice books say, miracles happen nine out of ten times.
  • Cubism

    13 August 2009

    text Veronika Hadjieva, photos by Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotzev Studio

    Hypercube are four guys from Sofia who do not want to be a cliche and play a wonderful mix of alternative, drum'n'bass and electronics. Looks like their efforts are paying back - the organizers of Spirit of Burgas invited them for a second time on the Jack Daniel's stage. So we asked some more details from the band's guitar players - Ilia and Asen.
  • Swedish Steel

    6 August 2009

    text Ivan Hadjivelikov

    18 years ago the angry young men from Stockholm named Clawfinger were the only ones to make rap metal - so powerful that they took two Swedish Grammys and headed on tour with Anthrax, Alice in Chains and Faith No More. We aksed vocalist Zak Tell a few things about the crossing point between metal and hip hop and who is the biggest enemy of modern music today.
  • Usual Suspects

    30 July 2009

    text Ivan Hadjivelikov

    We are convinced that along with mojito and Monty Python, Fun Lovin Criminals' music is one of the coolest things on the planet. So we called Hugh Morgan - the band's vocalist and guitar player and started asking him about cocktails, Hemingway, drummers and the pending FLC live at the Spirit of Burgas.
  • Beautiful Noise

    23 July 2009

    by Ana Vucheva

    There is hardly a person on the planet who has not poured coffee from the pot, singing N.O.H.A.'s track Tu cafe. Of  course, the band has other cool tracks and after you heard them in Sofia, now you will have the possibility to see them four more times at the coast - in Varna, Nessebar, Sozopol and Lozenetz. So we contacted the band's vocalist MC Chevy for some more details