• I Swear!

    16 February 2007

    text Nikola Shahpazov

    You've probably heard the news – the Switched On! project gathered a dozen British DJs and trusted them with remixing classic songs from modern Bulgarian music. The new versions of Chernata Ovtsa and Edna Bulgarska Roza would be performed exclusively on February 24 at 4km party centre with a host of DJS and legendary acts Revu and Nova Generazia performing. We learned that our favourite Bulgarian-British dame Mira Aroyo of Ladytron fame has remixed Sturcite's Kletva, so we quickly called her at her London appartment for details.
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  • Underground House

    9 February 2007

    text Anelia Alexandrova

    Well… John Digweed has just released his new compilation and is already coming to Bulgaria for a big party of the Viva Sound Factory series. It is organized by Metropolis, and the location is fantastic – second level of the Sofia City Centre underground parking lot. The party is on February 17th, so start warming up with Transitions Vol. 2 or dig out the first Renaissance, recorded together with Sasha and remember the beginning. Is it necessary to explain who the hell is John Digweed? He is simply big – in 2001 DJ?Magazine declared him #1, and today, despite his heavy schedule as a producer promoter and a DJ, is also a resident in London’s Heaven and Brighton’s The?Beach.
  • Music for the Masses

    2 February 2007

    text Nikola Shahpazov, photos Mute/Animato

    As they themselves point out, Laibach isn't an ordinary band of humble pop musicians. This innovative Slovenian collective is an art institution in itself with its own virtual state (NSK), organizes exhibitions, lectures and seminares, although its main activity remains musical. Their latest ambitious project is entitled Volk and contains 14 national hymns in new symphonic, martial industrial arrangements. Mere days before their second performance in Sofia, Laibach's spoekesman Ivan Novak had this to say about some very important issues.
  • Napalm Burns

    26 January 2007

    by Nikola Shahpazov

  • Simply Divine

    5 January 2007

    text Daniela Benisheva, photos personal archive

    They call him the kaval player of the world. His style is unique, a mixture of folklore and jazz. He is considered one of the most talented musicians from Eastern Europe. And he always has something up his sleeve – a day before the New Year Music Festival’s closing Teodosii Spasov will present the premiere of his concert Into the Infinity.