The things of life: Jose Gonzalez

29 October 2015
With only a few minutes of guitar and voice, he can melt anyone and anything. Now the situation is even more serious, because he's tuning in for longer and closer - the ticket is warm in our pocket ever since we found out about his concert in Studio Orfey, Noember 9. Before that, we sit with him and listen about the things from his life... Let's start from the beginning?

I have a cassette when I'm singing and imitating my dad, and there's a picture of me as a baby sitting with headphones by the stereo. I had moments during my teenage years when I wanted to be a great classical guitarist, write touching romantic songs, make the best riffs for the hard­core band. Music was a big part of my life but it wasn’t until later when I was studying at the university that my recordings reached a larger audience and I could pay my rents with music and start touring. Before that I saw a future with music as a thing I could do on the side of my daytime job. Now it's been 12 years and I don't see things changing anytime soon.

My focus on stage has always been to perform the music and not necessarily entertain. Still feel the same now, so I haven't really grown into the fact that I'm an artist. We like to have a hangout before the shows and a high five after. Apart from that it's nice with a beer and some good music to get in the mood.

It was a good experience to work on the music for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Really fun to get a glimpse of the making of such a big production and to meet Ben, George and Teddy who worked with the music. I like how it came out with my humming as the main theme for Mitty and how the Junip songs fit with the scenes. I enjoy working with the band, although lately I'm solo - now I'm alone in every decision, for good or bad. With Junip we're together beginning to end.

Since I'm traveling many days of the year I've found that I can make myself at home with a cup of coffee and a book in most couches. At home I like sitting by the window where I have a view of the sky next to some plants. At home, I have only two things on the nightstand - a speaker and a lamp at the nightstand.

I like transport. One of the most favorite rides is the train between Göteborg and Stockholm. It gives the time and space to reflect and get perspective on things.

I like cooking. I've been trying to make good kimchi. I like cuisines that make good vegetarian food but you don't feel like you're missing something – Thai, Indian – I love mussels with fries.

I try to make my moments in different times of the day. I have the luxury to stay at home when I'm not on tour so I can have long mornings with news, videos and reading. During the day I like to go out running in the woods a couple of times a week. I like getting in the flow of doing music or hanging out with friends.

The bed. Breathing. Music.


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