• Nothing Artificial!

    15 January 2015

    text Sevda Semer, photos Ralitza Dimitrova

    If someone haven't seen Fake Fruits, probably he is out of the web. Which is unbelievable. Jeremy? has already caught our attention by their live shows but they put the exclamation mark with this song. It is terrible to say that "it cannot be Bulgarian" but we do. They are the band that everyone is all ears about.
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  • Re: Rayna Kabaivanska

    4 December 2014

    To know the teacher, we asked the students. A week before the charity concert for the 80th anniversary of Rayna Kabaivanska, we got in touch with some of the best voices in her class who we will listen on 18 December.
  • A Man of Many Selves

    27 November 2014

    text Evelina Ivanova, photos Ralitza Dimitrova

    Robert Wauu has a Swedish passport, Serbian roots but is currently living and working in Bulgaria. Movie making is his vocation and his profession but music has become a way of life. He makes alternative rock  with a touch of new wave in pure ...
  • Blame it on the moon...

    13 November 2014

    by Mihail Stefanov photos Elena Nenkova

    She is a believer in happy ends but she is not into that talk about the moon and the stars. She can dance with torches but she ain't an early bird. She's studying sound design and she knows all of Upsurt's songs by heart. So naturally the hip-hoppers are now also humming to the tune of Kato na san (Just Like in a Dream). The song was released just a few days ago and Maria Dragneva herself is only 22. This is her first solo project and the video, we must admit, is simply hypnotic.
  • Meeting with Marten

    16 October 2014

  • Clear Days

    9 October 2014

    photo Irina Dimova

    He listens to k-pop for only two weeks, but for years selects music is part of the nightlife of the city. In daylight he makes illustrations, paintings, interior design and even wallpapers if someone ordered. Yasen Zgurovski is Bulgarian artist with Russian passport who is recently busy with anything and anywhere. Raised with free lessons for life from old Plovdiv Bohemia, he was the colorful child of our possible pop culture.
  • The Beginning of the Game

    10 September 2014

  • Black Celebration!

    10 September 2014

  • S(w)ing it back!

    2 September 2014

    text Tanya Trendafilova, photho Vladimir Tonashevich

    Bold curls, pearls, bright lipstick and flirty dresses in all colors of the rainbow! Sounds like a prop from an old movie, but actually it is recognizable traditional dress code of the funniest in our community - that of swing fans. You've probably seen these men and women at retro parties or other special events, wondering how they always manage to look so casual but always chic. The answer is in the music, and it is the language of the soul, according to Yavor and Sonya - two of the most popular swing dancers in the country, which are also part of the team Lindyhop.bg, one of the few specialist dance schools in Bulgaria. Here's what else they shared one devoid of formality, but curious afternoon conversation.
  • Close Encounters

    30 July 2014

  • Dream On

    16 July 2014

  • Rites of Spring

    30 May 2014

  • Guitar Hero

    28 May 2014

    The Offspring and their six times platinum Smash were a real event for its time so with unconcealed excitement we expect 6 July, when the band will play the entire album live as a headliner at this year's Sofia Rocks (Academic Stadium). We had only 10 minutes to speak with guitarist Kevin John Wasserman (aka Noodles) for a thing or two before the show here, but they were enough to point the important things - punk rock, beer and funny nicknames.
  • God is a DJ

    28 May 2014

  • Kurt Elling

    28 May 2014

  • Lisa The Astonishing

    21 May 2014

  • View From a Hill

    20 May 2014

  • Quantic

    19 May 2014

    You’ve been quite prolific lately – dropping a record in November 2013 (Muévelo Negro / Ñanguita) and then another one this year (Magnetica) and you already have an impressive back catalogue. How do you manage to stay ...
  • Shut Up And Play The Guitar

    7 May 2014

    Your new album Ad Hoc has just come out. How´s the fan and critic´s response so far? So far so good. I'm really happy with the response. Does it actually matter if the critics like the album or not? I would be lying to you if I said I ...
  • Past Unforgettable

    21 April 2014