Take your dream in your hands

Take your dream in your hands

19 April 2018
The new Jacobs' campaign gives you a unique opportunity

Do you remember the moments at school when you and your friends or classmates were discussing your dreams about the future? Well, sometimes it happens that some of these dreams emerge again in our minds. One of these dreams is the opportunity to own a restaurant. Our own space that reflects our essence, taste and style. Unfortunately, this idea is not always fully realized or its realization remains only in the thoughts or notes on our papers. What would you do if you had the chance to make your dream come true?

The answer to this question could be obtained with the new Jacobs Cafe-dream campaign. The continuation of their concept Open your eyes and follow your dreams will enable 5 people to realize, albeit for a short time, the idea of ​​having their own café. But that's not all. They will be given the opportunity to make a "test drive" of the dream, namely to have a restaurant for 5 days to make sure that this is their true calling. If you want to get out of your comfort zone and just cut off your current lifestyle, you will hardly get a better chance of it.

How can you get involved? Very simple - apply at www.kafenemechta.bg and try to impress the jury of experts by presenting their vision of how your establishment will look like. The registration period will last for 4 weeks and after its completion, the jury will determine the five lucky ones. And if you are approved, then you can really be proud of yourself. It includes Memento manager Teo Dimitrov, One More Bar manager Ivaila Gencheva and Diddy's Cake manager Didi Pindjurova. A special workshop with their participation will be organized and the three of them will tell you what the most important things you need to know when entering this business.

Then the culmination comes - the winners will get a cute mobile café in the center of their city, which will have staff, a menu design, permissions ... And most importantly - the name and branding of the establishment will bear the name of its owner. As they say - "all the extras". From then on, it all depends on themselves - to attract and fascinate as many customers as possible and to accumulate as much turnover as possible. The win will remain for his owner and the one who registers the highest will win the big prize - a professional Brazilian coffee maker.

Your great unfulfilled dream has hardly ever been so close. If you want to make your parents proud of you, blow your friends' minds or take down your high school teachers who have told you that nothing will come out of you, make the first step on www.kafenemechta.bg.


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