• Elijah Wood at Bushmills Live

    24 April 2012

  • Tradition Says...

    18 April 2012

  • NY-London-Sofia

    28 March 2012

  • Rock, Rock, Rock

    19 March 2012

  • Festivals, festivals!

    13 March 2012

  • Sofia Rock City

    6 February 2012

  • Starter`s Birhtday

    5 February 2012

  • Mixtape 5 Birthday

    27 January 2012

  • The New Year Brings Along a New Site

    5 January 2012

    As we are admirers of novelties, it`s not surprising we decided to say goodbye to the old year with a brand new design of programata.bg.
  • I ♥ Programata

    29 December 2011

    The mobile version of Programata magazine is really multifunctional and what is more, it`s free. Programata Mobile used to be available for Android only, but now those of you using iPhone can also learn about the latest events in Sofia, Varna, ...
  • Hi Tech

    28 November 2011

  • Zagorka Rezerva 2011

    24 November 2011

  • Kamenitsa 3D Mapping Show

    11 November 2011

  • ReelFeel Guests

    13 October 2011

  • Tattoo Fest Sofia 2011

    2 October 2011

    by Ivailo Alexandrov

  • Programata Celebrates Its 10th Birthday With La Roux

    27 September 2011

    We will celebrate out tenth anniversary with a massive party in hall 9 in the National Palace of Culture, October 8th. Good music is guaranteed by experts Elly Jackson from La Roux, Nadia Ksaiba and Bottin. Be our guests and dance the night away!
  • X Factor: The Beginning

    8 September 2011

    by Valeria Vasileva

    The choice was hard to make, but Maria Ilieva, Poly Genova, Vasko Vassiev and Maga are ready with their decision. They named  those who have special skills and who can go further in the Bulgarian X Factor competition. The X Factor starts at the 12th of September on Nova Television. We are waiting forward to see it . There will be exciting for sure.
  • Readings

    24 August 2011

  • Studio X

    28 July 2011

  • Animate With Love

    7 July 2011

    Clodin Gendova

    Everybody knows AnimeS-bg.com - the biggest site for anime and manga. This year AnimeS is celebrating its sixth birthday on 23th of July in Element club.