• The Return

    5 August 2010

    We`ve know Lora karadjova and GoodSlav since their early beginnings 9 years ago, when they were known as Ball Face. They have now come up with a cover of their massive hit Let it be summer, after having shanged the lyrics. They shot the video for ...
  • Japanese Miracle

    15 July 2010

  • All the colours of the rainbow

    24 June 2010

  • Hip Hop, Naturally

    24 June 2010

  • Time Travel

    10 June 2010

    text by Dima Chakarova photo by Getty Images

  • Today and Forever

    10 June 2010

    Alexander Velichkov

    We haven`t heard from Santra and Kristo from a long time ago. We actually started to miss them.  But here they came with the nice sunny weather - hot and hip-hop, like always
  • Hell Awaits!

    20 May 2010

  • Video Star

    20 May 2010

  • No Worries

    17 May 2010

  • Lufthansa Game Winners

    30 April 2010

  • Part Two

    1 April 2010

  • Lights Out

    25 March 2010

  • A Park Warm-Up

    11 February 2010

  • Prognosis: Liveyear

    23 December 2009

    text Nikolai Vasilev

    We thought that 2009 was the peak of concerts life in Bulgaria, but 2010 seems even more promising.
  • Black Film

    12 November 2009

  • Japanese Fete in Sofia

    6 November 2009

  • Angel Club

    24 September 2009

  • Restless Wings

    17 September 2009

    text Aleksander Velichkov

    Broken Wings is a slang definition for a motorcyclist injured in a crash. The guys from Catch Twenty Two motor club have decided to do something about these people with an event much different from the usual motor fairs. Broken Wings will be a noisy ...
  • Burgas Nights

    30 July 2009

    text Nikola Shahpazov

    There are scores of good music reasons to go to Burgas in the next few weeks - there you can hear Bulgarian agro-alco-porn-punk, modern house from the UK or funky tracks about the New York mob king John Gotty.
  • Yes We Can

    16 July 2009

    text Aleksandar Velichkov, photo Ivan Kolovos

    It’s fine when the charity initiatives last and have success not only for a moment but for a long time in the city life. In the last 3 years I Can Too made exactly this – this initiative attracted scores of Bulgarian artists and media to the cause of helping the children with injuries.

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