• Jazz Open Air

    2 July 2009

    text Mia Ianeva

    In summer many people enjoy escaping in the coolness of the mountains and when there are occasions like the jazz fest in Smolyan, happiness is complete.
  • I, Fan

    25 June 2009

    text Mia Ianeva

    Concerts are always connected to a strange thrill which we want to share with as many people as possible. If you like to share such emotions, join the Germanos' G-reporter contest and win tickets for some of the most interesting summer concerts.
  • Almost Free

    7 May 2009

    text Nikola Shahpazov

    Lovech Party Fest is a rival to Spirit of Burgas and the rock concerts in Kavarna - but it is free and closer to Sofia. The festival started on 6 May, but the best days are still to come. Friday is devoted to pop music - Miro will present live his ...
  • Music: Legally

    12 February 2009

    text Diana Georgieva

    Music fans all over Bulgaria - unite! A new website for free and legal download of mp3s was launched - it is reasonably called 4fun.bg. The songs are divided into 9 genres, with a vast collection of evergreens, classic music and full discographies ...
  • English School

    12 February 2009

    text Nikola Shahpazov

    There is no much time left until the second edition of the Bulgarian-British Switched On music project. You can make the things even more interesting - go to switchedonukbgremixsession.net, check the list with selected Bulgarian tracks and if you ...
  • The Beauties & The Beast

    8 January 2009

    text Aleksander Velichkov

    According to Soulfly's website, Sofia is one of the stops in their European tour. Max Cavalera & Co. are planning to perform in Universiada Hall on 15 March. The stress will be put on last year's Conquer, plus obligatory staff like Jumpdafuckup ...
  • Heavy Literature

    24 December 2008

  • Heroic Epic

    18 December 2008

    photos Angel Kotsev for Virginia Records

    Toma is not wasting his time - from the Music Idol final he went straight into the studio. Half a year later, on 10 December, he made his debut album promo. Hero is in stores now and behind its inflated title stand 11 perfectly recorded and well ...
  • British Connection 3

    18 December 2008

    text Nikola Shahpazov, photos Ivailo Ivanov - IVU

    With British punctuality and Bulgarian music in the headphones, the Switched On! project is close to its final. The voting has ended and the results are as expected - a domination of modern Bulgarian rock, plus a little pop and hip-hop. Ostava are ...
  • British Connection

    6 November 2008

    text Nikola Shahpazov

    A few light years lie between British and Bulgarian music, so it is very interesting when some contact is made. Switched On! UK/BG remix session was such an exercise and proved successful. The idea is simple - classic Bulgarian songs are given to ...
  • For a Mini-Bus

    21 August 2008

    text Nikola Shahpazov

    Erol's band filled up their jubilee year with concerts here and abroad. But there were also problems - some bad guys stole their good old Volkswagen Transporter with all their equipment and merchandise inside. From this nasty accident two things ...
  • 100/100

    20 August 2008

    text Nikola Shahpazov

    DJ Magazine's Top 100 is something like the Grammy Awards of electronic music. The battle for the top places in this chart has already begun and the big DJ's invite us to vote for them at their MySpace profiles and the official sites. This chart was ...
  • Snoop Dogg and Gipsy Kings live in Sofia

    24 July 2008

    photos Universal Music Group/Virginia Records, Balkan Entertainment

    September would be most interesting. The hot-blooded mariachi Gipsy Kings and the best gangster among the rappers (and most glorious rapper among the gangsters) Snoop Dogg himself.
  • Hit Squad

    24 July 2008

    text Veronika Hadjieva

    Despite its serious title, Drums: Technical and music-aesthetic aspects is not some monstrous volume of academic literature. It is the first Bulgarian dvd for education and self-education of musicians. The author of the idea is Venko Poromanski, who ...
  • Music Cover

    16 July 2008

    Music Space is another project, created to pull modern Bulgarian music out of its deadlock.
  • By the Rhodopa Mountains

    26 June 2008

    While in Sofia the heat is melting everything, under the shadows of the Rhodopa Mountains begins the fourth July Jazz Smolyan ethno fest. It is recommended for the entire family - this year fun is provided even for the youth and the children.
  • Computer Games

    18 June 2008

    Computer Space Festival, one of the most important computer technology events in South-Eastern Europe, is reaching some serious age - its 20th edition will be held in the end of October.

  • Anelia's Secret

    17 June 2008

    The idea of a secret meeting with dark-haired diva Anelia sounds tempting and MAD TV understand that rather well.
  • Programata Reloaded

    9 June 2008

    People say that what works well shouldn't be changed, but we in Programata Media Group like to renovate ourselves.
  • Music Tourism

    23 May 2008

    text Nikola Shahpazov

    We have no reason for discontent – there is one concert-packed summer ahead of us. But it is always a trill watching your favourite band outside your own country, so we checked the major live events in the countries nearby.