Regional Historical Museum - Stara Zagora

Address: Stara Zagora, 27 Russki Blvd.
Phone: 042 919 204
Phone: 042 919 205

Regional Historical Museum - Stara Zagora can provide competent guides speaking bulgarian, russian, english and french.

The following routes are offered:

One step to prehistory: Neolithic dwelling museum - Bereketska mound - Copper mines in the vicinity of Mechi kladenets

A tour in the archaelogical reserve Augusta Trayana - Vereya - Boruy
: Antique complex to the Western gateway - The Southern gateway - Late roman buildings with mosaics;

The memory of history:
Hilendarian nunnery - Cult complex at  Eski Mosque - Memorial complex The Deffenders of Stara Zagora 1877;

Living traditions: House-museum 19th century lifestyle - Balabanova house;

Green magic
: A walk in Mitropolit Metodii Kussev (park Ayazmo): memorial of Mitropolit Metodiy Kussev - chapel Sveti Teodor Tiron - Aleko's site - Zoo;

Town of poets and painters, straight streets and limetrees
: Geo Milev House-Museum - Municipal Art Gallery - Mitropolit Metodii Kussev blvd (limetrees street) - Ayazmo park.

The routes can be combined.


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