Little Bird Place


Address: Sofia, 7 11-ti Avgust St.
Working time: Tue-Sun 11:00-19:00
Phone: 02 426 8080

"People ask us if we are a gallery or an event venue. The best definition is that we are a living space." This gives us not only a good definition of the newly hatched Little Bird Place, but also an accurate sign of its' main interest - connecting nature and art.

Their sign appeared among garlands of natural ivy in a section that has long been associated with art. There are several ateliers on August 11th street, the most famous of which is of Svetlin Rusev; just below is the house-museum of the artist Vera Nedkova; and the place itself of Little Bird used to be an old masters gallery. The owner, however, gets here in another way - through his love of nature. After 20 years in the pharmaceutical business, Rosen Uzunov discovers that it is the environment that makes him the happiest (he is a huge fan of birds), and devotes his entire space to it. The gallery is the only one here, and perhaps one of the few in general, focused on biology, ecology and the wildlife around us. They started with an exhibition featuring animal graphics, painting on wood and glass in natural forms, and the curators are the duo Art and Culture Today - one of the partners in the birding place. The exposition you will see now, however, is Ants of sculptor Ivan Lazarov. He often looked to the little creatures at his feet to study and paint them, and the curator is his longtime explorer Luben Domozetski.

As soon as you enter, they will invite you for a dialogue - if you are interested in hearing about the technique or anything else that interests you. The rooms are in warm wood and bare bricks, and from the entrance you can see the turntable with jazz records (this style is a favorite, but the owner asks the curators what they think sounds appropriate during the exhibition). What is planned besides discoveries and talks with artists? It will be open to collaborations with other spaces and people close to the topic; there may be book events and even, why not, concerts. And the plush sofas are not just about beauty - you can work here while breathing the same air with art. In other words, this place is yet to fly to new territories.


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