Swimming Pool

Address: Sofia, 10 Tsar Osvoboditel blvd.
Working time: fri-sun 16:00-19:00
E-mail: contact@swimmingpoolprojects.org

Swimming Pool is the new place for contemporary art in Sofia, which wants to be accessible and speak the language of the people.

The goal of the new art space is to put Sofia on the map next to other cities, connected to art and its engine is Viktoria Draganova. While New York and Berlin are always in the spotlight, we have the luxury to breathe and work independently with no rush. That is why Swimming Pool wants to present authors with rich portfolio and evoke debate about important themes.

The space that occupies an apartment with a small pool on the roof next to the Russian Church at the center of Sofia will act as more than just a gallery. There will be a residential program for curators and artists, there will be meetings and discussions. And before you ask - no, the swimming pool is not functional: its whole space is dedicated to art. There will also be guided tours about the exhibitions and you will be able to learn everything there is to know about the current expos.

The opening will be on 25 April with the collection of works by 3 authors - Stefania Batoeva, Yv Cherier and Emanuel Rohss, entitled Balconia.


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