Antonia Pashova. And That Is Final.

3 July 2008 text Emil Hristov, photos Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotsev Studio
In Bulgaria fashion design had always been discussed as something that will happen sometime in the unpredictable future. The teachers in the National Academy of Art use every occasion to remind about that new specialty and its forthcoming success...

Well, honest, we are sometimes fed up and close our ears. It is good that we stay aware and we want fashion now and obviously are not the only ones. The energetic Neli Miteva has proved once again that she can create events – her project we are-to-wear at the Contemporary Arts and Design Space at 22 Tsar Ivan Asen Street gathered some of the talented working designers from the latest generation. There we met Antonia Pashova who told us about inspiration, Japanese miniatures, a high society wedding in the botanical garden, the Wong Kar Wai films, unification, tochka and a lot of other things.


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