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27 November 2008 by Nikola Shahpazov
HMSU are probably the best in making flyers and that fact can’t pass unnoticed around us. Because of their Drum’n’Jazz on 29 November we decided to go deeper into the theme and understand who is to blame for their amazing graphic decisions. We found out a couple of names but one of them stood higher – a graffiti artist once, an mc at present and a designer Georgi Kasabov. He is also known as Ndoe, Jorkata and Smotan MC. We had to call him in his lunch break to explain us how he sees graphic design and flyer culture in Bulgaria and where the hell DRS are lately.

How long have you been working with HMSU?
We’ve been working together with them for a long time – I’ve made a lot of their flyers and posters. I’ve worked with other crews too, like with Grum&Bjas once. I’ve also made flyers for hip hop parties.

But why are you working exactly with them?
I am an mc, part of DRS. At the beginning with the band we took part in the HMSU online radio – with gramophones, scratches, freestyle. Then I made a couple of flyers from them and they liked it very much. Recently it became more serious though – I made the design of The World of Drum&Bass and for Helloweed too. We are friends with the people from HMSU. They make serious things and make them well. I am also a fan of that music.

How do you start working on a flyer?
We discuss the name of the party and its main idea with the people from HMSU. They say how they imagine the flyer and then I offer them a couple of graphic versions and they choose and make corrections. But generally they like it and don’t change many things.

How do you proceed – right with on computer or you start with a sketch first?
O, it’s not necessary to start right on the computer. When it is hard to imagine something I surely sketch it. That was the case with The World of Drum&Bass for example.

When you make a flyer do you listen to music that will be on the party?
Yes, I often do it. I play the music to enter their film and for inspiration.

How would you define your style?
I wouldn’t say I have a definite style. I am looking for interesting graphic forms and I don’t like to repeat myself. If it is a hip hop party there will be more graffiti but if it is a jazz concert – it will be clearer. It depends on the idea and on the people who have to notice the flyer.

Which is better – a flyer or a poster?
In Sofia posters don’t live long – not more than half an hour. Immediately after a poster is glued another one could be placed over it. But posters are easier noticed. Flyers and stickers are more suitable for big events. They are easily distributed – on phone boxes or handed out to people. They carry them home, stick them somewhere – their life is much longer.

What do you expect from the new Drum’n’Bass on Saturday?
It will be different but will worth much, for sure. There will be a lot of collaborations, Teodosii Spasov, Vlatko Stefanovski… Moreover we’ll see Cooh and he is very good with amazing parties and issues records. As a whole drum’n’bass will be presented very well unlike hip hop.

You said hip hop – what is happening with DRS these days?
We make record from time to time but the truth is we are not that serious. We used to make a lot of parties and concerts but now it is becoming more difficult. That is why I like HMSU – they support their favorite style and even develop it and organize various events like Drum’n’Jazz.

Flyer: A Short Story
Posters, pamphlets and flying advertising sheets are flooding European streets since 16th century but the typical flyers aren’t flying around us long. Relatively not long ago – their peak was during the Second Word War and can be explained with the music that destroyed good family values and made young people crazy. Along with the joint and the songs of the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd flyers become more colorful and hippie swept away. While the punk wave in England makes them more shocking and designed in black and white. In the 90’s flyers become smaller and with more abstract design. In recent years the A6 pocket-size format is definitely the winner, which unlike posters has a small size that makes it cheaper and easier for distribution. It is quite clear that flyers are also stylish especially when the designer is skilled.


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